What is Interesting Today: 07-01-12

I have tried to do the same thing, but with a Ramune soda. I do not recommend it:

WiFi everywhere you go

I would like one order of 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10

3d Image and video search for chrome. I promise you won’t need 3d glasses.  – cooliris

Historically Today (HiT Me):

Today in 1776 Thomas Jefferson presented the Declaration of Independence before Congress. The middle colonies disproved of the current draft of the declaration. To have a greater understanding of the background of the Declaration of Independence here.

I love waffles. I love chicken:


What’s Interesting Today: 06-27-12

I wish I played any instrument as well as this guy:

All the new features for Android’s next operating system

Have you ever heard of Blender? You should have

Difference between all of the upcoming mobile operating systems #nerd

Historically Today (HiT Me): 

Today in 1880 The first deafblind person in US history earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree. Helen Keller, also happens to be a big deal for other reasons. You can learn more about her influence on civil rights here.

How lie detection tests should be used:

What’s Interesting Today: 06-19-12

The sad story of Paul McCartney’s first girlfriend

I present to you the WWII hero you never heard of

Need to buy a gift? Buy something awesome

The result of yesterday’s surprise press conference by Microsoft: MS Surface

Historically Today (HiT Me): 

Your favorite cat came into existence today in 1978. 

Today, the Garfield comic strip appears in over 2570 newspapers daily.

The legs of the horse are buckling:

What’s Interesting Today: 06-18-12

Don’t you wish you had the best total strangers like these people:

You don’t conform at all do you? Of course not, unless you’re on an elevator. 

The 2nd verses you never knew to your favorite children’s songs

How many kinds of pushups have you tried?

Historically Today (HiT Me): 

Dr. Sally Ride became the 1st American woman in space today in 1983

*On March 6, 1937 Valentina Tereshkova (Soviet Union member) became the first woman of any nationality in space. You can read more about this amazing woman here.

Super wedding shot. Its disappointing that the bridesmaids didn’t even try to be the superhero love interests:

What’s Interesting Today: 06-17-12

If your best friend was a news story and she’s a jerk

Aww, having a bad day? Let me help relax you a little bit

*Or we can let nature pinch hit: The background sound of you curling up in bed with a book

You know how if someone pushed you out of a space shuttle you’d die because your internal organs would implode instantly? Well, thats a lie

Let me help you learn more about Whoopi Goldberg than you ever wanted to know. Ever.

*P.S. If you have a little time to hang out with Whoopi, you should check Eddie out. The film in full is on YouTube in parts, beginning here. Ivan make basket!

Reader, I’d like you to meet Disney’s UP. Russell, Carl, Dug, I’d like you to meet our readers

Historically Today (HiT me):

The biggest long shot win in horse racing history

In 1912, Wishing Ring won against 941 to 1 odds, turning a $2 wager into $1,185.50.

*Other great times/places to travel to after you’ve used your time machine to bet on Wishing Ring are right here

How cool is this shot!:

View many more of myrandomstuff’s  exquisite photos here.


New Music

Artist: Passion Pit
Song: I’ll Be Alright
Hmm. I really do like this song but Passion Pit’s first album Manners is one of my top albums of ’09 so they have a lot to live up to. It is known that most bands struggle with sophomore album success when their precursor was a hit. If “I’ll Be Alright” is where Passion Pit is headed then I really think they’ll be alright. Haha, to be honest, these lyrics give a good window into Michael Angelakos. This song obviously comes from someone who was hurt, who is willing to fully let go but is unable to until he is sure that he’ll be okay without them. Don’t worry Michael, you’ll be alright. Just talk to somebody about it!
Artist: Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros
Album: Here
Song: Man on Fire
Here comes Edward Sharp and they’re showing their roots and I’m digging it. This song is a reflection of their sound. It’s really taking more of a folk sound than it did, almost like the back half of their previous album. This sound is so mellow and chill, it reminds me of something from Johnny Cash’s day. “Here” is a fun song to listen to, it has a switch up half way through the song that should be appreciated.
Artist: Grizzly Bear
Album: Unknown
Song: Sleeping Ute
This is Grizzly Bear revealing to you its ultimate weapon, their guitarist! The guitar really cuts through the percussions of this song, that may sound like a bad thing but they really do compliment each other well. This song was just released last week for their upcoming (undecided title) new album! This song is their opening track to this TBA album. Grizzly Bear manages to stay true to their psychedelic sound. It’s pretty intriguing and worth a listen!

What’s Interesting Today: 06-13-12

Start planning how to spend your friends’ money

It turns out pacquiao and Mayweather already secretly fought

Older dads might make their sons even older dads

Best t-shirt you’re not wearing

Historically Today (HiT me):

Ella Fitzgerald was recorded for the first time, with Chris Webb and his orchestra in 1935 at age 17. Take a listen to I’ll Chase the Blues Away, one of two tracks recorded by Ella and Chris for Brunswick Records.

Read more about Ella Fitzgerald here

I think I’d really like lakes in Montana:

What’s Interesting Today:

(Special Edition)
Saturday June 9, 2012

Miami Heat Big Three in high school:

The King


Christopher Wesson Bosh

Boston Celtics Big Four in High School:

Rajon Pierre Rondo

The Big Ticket

Jesus Shuttlesworth

The Truth

Historically Today (HiT me):

In 1980 Red Auerbach pulls off a legendary trade with Golden State

On June 9th, 1980, Boston Celtics executive Red Auerbach trades for Hall of Famers Robert Parish and 1980 first round draft pick Kevin McHale, in exchange for a pair of two other 1980 first round draft picks*.

*Joe Barry Carroll and Rickey Brown

Big 3 Differential Scientific Video Study:

What’s Interesting Today:

Thursday June 7, 2012

The diet that sheds more lbs than anything you’ve tried. (Spoiler Alert: Involves dinosaurs.)

Reminds you what sports contract negotiating is all about. 

Either the biggest waste of time Ever or….wait, why can’t I look away?

If a first grade class was given unlimited money and told to make the most meaningful film ever

Historically Today (HiT me):

The first pinch-hitter in baseball history debuted.

Dirty Jack Doyle pinch hit for the Cleveland Spiders and wound up with a game winning single. That’ll do Jack, that’ll do.

I’m Really worried about this sweet cotton tailed creature:

World of Knives - bunny-suicides Photo

You wouldn’t believe how many more bunnies have a death wish. Lots of death wishes.

What’s Interesting Today:

Tuesday June 5, 2012


I can prove to you that your favorite dinosaur never actually existed.

Its a little long (18 minutes) but it probably makes you question the rest of your life.

Not quite done with a paper for class, but it’s due now? Here you go little buddy.

Free Stuff! Updated daily! Check it out.

I got a Taylor Made golf club and a few other nutrition samples here and there. Well worth it if you like free things.

The future of concert wear! Technology is about to take over. Over.

Historically Today (HiT me):

Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated today in 1968

While celebrating his California presidential primary victory Robert Francis Kennedy was shot in the head by Dirhan Dirhan. No relation to these guys.


Doing great officer!

Biker high-vives cop