Artist: Passion Pit
Song: I’ll Be Alright
Hmm. I really do like this song but Passion Pit’s first album Manners is one of my top albums of ’09 so they have a lot to live up to. It is known that most bands struggle with sophomore album success when their precursor was a hit. If “I’ll Be Alright” is where Passion Pit is headed then I really think they’ll be alright. Haha, to be honest, these lyrics give a good window into Michael Angelakos. This song obviously comes from someone who was hurt, who is willing to fully let go but is unable to until he is sure that he’ll be okay without them. Don’t worry Michael, you’ll be alright. Just talk to somebody about it!
Artist: Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros
Album: Here
Song: Man on Fire
Here comes Edward Sharp and they’re showing their roots and I’m digging it. This song is a reflection of their sound. It’s really taking more of a folk sound than it did, almost like the back half of their previous album. This sound is so mellow and chill, it reminds me of something from Johnny Cash’s day. “Here” is a fun song to listen to, it has a switch up half way through the song that should be appreciated.
Artist: Grizzly Bear
Album: Unknown
Song: Sleeping Ute
This is Grizzly Bear revealing to you its ultimate weapon, their guitarist! The guitar really cuts through the percussions of this song, that may sound like a bad thing but they really do compliment each other well. This song was just released last week for their upcoming (undecided title) new album! This song is their opening track to this TBA album. Grizzly Bear manages to stay true to their psychedelic sound. It’s pretty intriguing and worth a listen!