If your best friend was a news story and she’s a jerk

Aww, having a bad day? Let me help relax you a little bit

*Or we can let nature pinch hit: The background sound of you curling up in bed with a book

You know how if someone pushed you out of a space shuttle you’d die because your internal organs would implode instantly? Well, thats a lie

Let me help you learn more about Whoopi Goldberg than you ever wanted to know. Ever.

*P.S. If you have a little time to hang out with Whoopi, you should check Eddie out. The film in full is on YouTube in parts, beginning here. Ivan make basket!

Reader, I’d like you to meet Disney’s UP. Russell, Carl, Dug, I’d like you to meet our readers

Historically Today (HiT me):

The biggest long shot win in horse racing history

In 1912, Wishing Ring won against 941 to 1 odds, turning a $2 wager into $1,185.50.

*Other great times/places to travel to after you’ve used your time machine to bet on Wishing Ring are right here

How cool is this shot!:

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